to the Stadtteilzentrum Kiezbegegnung

begegnen, beraten, begleiten

We shape neighborhood work, advice people with and without refuge biography and accompany young people during their arrival in Berlin. We are a non-profit business in Neukölln, in the heart of the Schillerkiez at Lichtenrader Straße 12.


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Request for room usage at kiezbegegnung@interkular.de and nagelneu@prinzessinnengarten.net

Our neighborhood work

Open Meetings
Our Begegnungsteam connects neighbors in North-Neukölln. In this we encourage people to actively create their habitat themselves.

Open Formats
In small and big subprojects, we create places and situations of getting together in the neighborhood in North-Neukölln and identify, as a result from the meetings wishes, needs and ideas, to connect neighbors with each other and connect already existing formats.

Open Doors
Our office in the Schillerkiez also functions as a Kiezladen and can be used by other initiatives, neighbors and interested people, for their own activities.

Open Consultation
Our Beratungsteam offers consultations on the topics application | education | work | communication with administration offices | housing | guardianship (umF) | health | leisure time | languages | social counseling.


Society as target group – solidarity as goal
Radicalization, Racism, discrimination, and isolation are symptoms of an alienated society. We are talking less about humans but more and more of “bubbles” in which they live. We want to create connection and are constantly working on new formats of meeting, consultation, and participation. Here we have the expectation to possibly reach and in cooperate all people.

Our formats result out of action
Depending on the needs of our recipients, residents and participants of our work environments our focus and fields of work change into different forms of access when needed.

Therefore we incorporate collaborations and networks – from self-organized to institutional.


We believe in solidarity trough encounter.
We wish for a society, which listens to each other, responds to each other, and together creates – and endures – change.

Society is always changing. So are we.
It is important for us that ALL humans can participate and strive to constant openness towards each other and to create opportunities for ALL.

Meeting is the key.
It can strengthen empathy and solidarity within the constant change and weaken radicalization, racism, alienation, and isolation.


Eye level
We encounter every human at eye level.

Our space is safe
We greet everybody, who comes to us, with an atmosphere of trust and safety. The individual situation and challenges of our recipient will be met with confidentiality.

Open and lively participation
To encourage self-initiative strengthens the confidence in the own power during challenges. We accompany in close collaboration and full transparency.

Nobody is left behind
Needs change – challenges can stay. We create our areas in a way that people who need our support, will certainly stay supported.

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